Solid wood in its raw form is a material of exceptional beauty. Its unique grain pattern (that can vary greatly, depending on an cutting angle), makes each piece very unique and no two pieces are ever the same. Some artisan are inspired by that uniqueness as it allows them to express their imagination. Wood patterns mesmerise them with different shades of brown, yellow, red and black. That succession of dark and light shades indicates the woods annual growth and we can observe contrast in colour characteristic for each season, darker in summer and lighter in winter. For those who have eyes to see there will always be a surprise in store as even the simplest of wood products will present a very different picture of summers and winters encapsulated and preserved forever.


Throughout ages wood has proven to be a very versatile material and in the skilled hands of an experienced craftsman it can be shaped in endless ways, enhancing its aesthetic values and bringing up its special features to life. We have chosen the simplest of forms to give a platform for natural wood platters to emerge and shine.

Last but not least, maybe the most straight forward answer to 'why wood?' will be the fact that all of us love to surround ourselves with wooden objects. After all, they always bring a special kind of warmth to any house, instantly transforming it into a home. True or true?

Let's Work Together

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