We always strive for perfection in everything we do. The quality of each product that comes from our workshop represents the highest possible standards. We choose the best materials that are sourced locally and each piece of wood prepared for the manufacturing process is hand picked to ensure the best finish in any given item. Constant quality control contributes to maximum reduction of all minor defects in the final product.

Our priority is customer satisfaction based on the quality of all products made that carry our brands name.



Promoting traditional craftsmanship is an extremely important element of our brand values. During the manufacturing process we still choose a hands on approach appreciating the value of a hand finished product. Traditional carpentry techniques still have a lot to offer in the machine based industry. We base every stage of workmanship on knowledge and carpentry tradition cultivated in my family through generations. 
We are aware that the most sophisticated machinery will never replace a skilled and passionate craftsman, therefore we will always put an emphasis on an old fashioned approach of making products, so that centuries-old carpentry woodworking techniques will continue to live on in them. 



Supporting ecological awareness is of paramount importance for our brands activity. We vouch that all our products are made of ecological materials obtained from controlled distributors, who comply with all standards of natural resource renewal. More over, we actively contribute to the reconstruction of forest resources by conscious tree planting.

Our brand values are designed to create a company that stands out from the rest of the entities operating in the wood working industry. We believe that our values will have a significant impact on our position in the future of carpentry industry.

Let's Work Together

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