Marcin Gacek is a highly skilled artisan that inherited love for craftsmanship from his father and grandfather.

'There is honour in keeping the family traditions alive, working in the very workshop that my dad worked in, and using the tools that he used. I have a huge respect for that space, for old tools and each piece of wood I hold in my hand. The combination of those things is a constant source for my creative endeavour. Although I follow a system of guidelines that shape each product I make, I still find myself discovering new ways of working with wood that are inspired by its colour, grain and its texture. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else rather than following my passion'. 

After graduating from carpentry school, Marcin dreamed of being a designer. When he achieved this yearning ambition years later, he realized that true pleasure however, lies in the opportunity to create the very thing that he designs.

'I love real and honest craftsmanship and I believe that in manual work one can find himself. I feel that to know the whole process of creation, I have to participate in it from the beginning to the end. I am glad that in recent years handmade products have grown in popularity once more and collectively we are going back to simple ways of living and appreciating true craftsmanship. Handmade products are coming back to fashion and I hope there here to stay'.

Marcin is a real advocate of passing his knowledge to others as he inspires other members of his family to join him in his endeavour to keep the family tradition alive.